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I have been meaning to write a post on my favourite bloggers for a little while, but have never actually got round to putting it up! So, here is a little list of a few of the blogs that I always return to, for various reasons. Some make me laugh, some are inspirational and some simply give me total blog envy! I tend not to actually follow some of the most popular beauty bloggers – instead I love a clever writing style and writing from the heart whatever subject it may be on. My eclectic mix of favourites is, (in no particular order);

Big Fashionista

I think sometimes Kellie and I are psychically in tune. Her posts are hilarious and thought provoking in equal measures – I love how she just puts her thoughts out there and probably is actually saying what we are all thinking. Well written and clever – plus her Nom or Vom features have me in stitches!

Sprinkle of Glitter

An incredibly popular blog, but one I love none the less. Posting on beauty, fashion and lifestyle with a few baby bits thrown in, Louise just comes across as every girls best friend. Her honesty is beautiful and a few of her posts have brought a tear to my eye, especially on the loss of her mother. However she is mostly very sweet, very funny and posts regularly with beautifully crafted snippets of her life.

Liberty London Girl

My original blog crush. Sasha has won, like millions of accolades for her fabulousness and is a true digital media pioneer, with a career spanning from The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, Harpers Bazaar, Red, Vogue, Glamour… she covers a variety of subjects from fashion, literature, beauty, travel and dachshunds – bringing a touch of class to them all. Her fashion knowledge is ridiculous and shes clearly very well connected, but you never get a sense that she takes it for granted, or isn’t grateful for the position she is now in (and lets face it, she’s worked for it).

The Black Pearl Blog

Writing mainly on beauty, I love Sandra’s blog mainly for the beautiful images she takes (something I’m definitely guilty of neglecting). You get the impression she really loves creating the looks she writes about.

Never Ending Voyage -

Not beauty related at all – this blog tells the story of Simon and Erin who sold everything they own to become digital nomads, travelling the world working remotely and crafting the story of their travels through the blog. Informative, well written and beautifully photographed, I read this blog and wish I had their life (I’m sure they would just advise me to try it!). They also take the time to reply to so many of their comments (something I love). Worth a read for some serious life envy.

Fashion Filth

For pure outfit lust. Lexi dresses like a BOSS and always looks completely stunning – her Instagram is filled with designer deliciousness and beauty with an edge. I love her style and her outfit pictures always leave me mentally compiling a wish list (no.1 would be her figure!).

A few others definitely worth a nose -

Tattooed Tea Lady -

The Londoner ( definitely a ‘big’ blog but great for total lifestyle envy!)

Gems Maquillage -

Confessions of a Trolley Dolly (I used to be cabin crew so this one amuses me!)

Rock N Roll Bride - for wedding planning junkies who like a twist to their nuptials

All that Slap


Incurably Curious - just FUNNY!

Jemima and Ted -

Liana Beauty -


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    1. Posted June 12, 2013 at 4:32 PM by Bigfashionista | Permalink

      Thank you. That is a truly awesome list to be on. I’m really chuffed to be included. Thank you very much. Xxxx

    2. Posted June 12, 2013 at 5:34 PM by Erin | Permalink

      Aw, thanks for much for including us. Being featured on a fashion blog is definitely a first for us :)

      And yes, we’d say just try it :) We are terrible at business and if we can make it work (still travelling over 3 years later) then anyone can.

      • Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:36 AM by SparklySexyCool | Permalink

        haha well I like to be eclectic :-)

        The Boy is a digital nomad of sorts – there are only three people in his business and all they need is a Mac to work! So technically we could do it if I took the plunge….

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